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4 Common Mistakes When Wearing a Suit

The perfect men’s suit can demand respect in a business meeting, establish a sense of poise and confidence during an interview, or provide a timeless aesthetic at a fancy event. Accessories and fit ensure your suit makes the right impression. Here are a few common mistakes tailors often point out to customers so that you know how to put your look together with ease.

Top Mistakes Seen When Wearing Men’s Suits

1. Mismatched Leather Once you put a look together, you have on a leather belt, leather shoes, and perhaps a watch with a leather band. To maintain a clean visual, ensure your shoes and belt match and complement the color of the suit. Keep your leather suit accessories to a minimum and avoid adding leather bracelets or necklaces in addition to the necessities noted above.

2. Long Trousers Men’s suits are designed to present a clean, put-together, and classic silhouette. Unfortunately, when suit trousers are too long and pool over your dress shoes, the effect gets lost. Work with a tailor to ensure your trousers hit at just the right place on your shoe.

3. Multiple Bold Accessories When wearing a suit, there are a few opportunities to show off your personal style and create an eye-catching look. However, combining a multi-colored tie with a bold, patterned pocket square and a lapel pin can overload the senses and distract from the garments. Pick a straightforward, solid-color tie or vice versa.

4. Buttoning Suit Jackets While it may be tempting to use each button on your suit jacket, proper etiquette says to do otherwise. When you have a two-button jacket, button the top one when standing and walking. For appearances and to avoid creasing, button the jacket when seated. If you have a three-button suit jacket, fasten the middle one and possibly the top button. The lower button is for show, not for use.

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