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Tips For Maintaining Dress Shoes


Purchasing a new pair of men’s shoes is a rewarding experience, as the right ones will complement your professional outfits. However, without the proper care, the shoes will quickly lose their luster. Debris, scratches, and creases can detract from the outfit, no matter how nice the rest of your clothes are. Here are a few strategies to ensure your dress shoes last for many years.

How Can You Extend the Life of Men's Shoes? 1. Invest in Quality Supplies Before wearing men’s shoes made of leather, you must clean, condition, and polish them. This process protects the outside material from the elements, as well as improves the overall appearance of the shoes. However, you shouldn't purchase the cheapest cleaner or polish available, as they can damage high-quality leather. When looking for supplies, invest in a cleaner, microfiber cloths, small polishing brush, and a horsehair brush to make your shoes shine. 2. Condition & Polish the Shoes After gathering your tools, use the horsehair brush to remove any dust or debris. Then, apply a small amount of the conditioner to each shoe and rub it into the leather with a cloth. This activates the material and makes it more supple, preventing it from cracking during dry weather. Leave the shoes for about 10 minutes so that the conditioner dries, then use another cloth to rub away any excess. Finally, apply a small amount of polish and use the other brush to buff it. Make small, circling motions across the entirety of the shoe to rub most of it in before removing any excess with a clean cloth.

3. Practice Long-Term Care If you’re wearing the shoes every day, polishing them once a week will help you maintain their shine. Use the cleaner and conditioner once per month to keep the leather moist and protect it from the elements. If you will not be wearing the shoes daily, proper storage is necessary to prevent issues. Keep the shoes out of direct sunlight and in an area with some humidity. This will prevent premature fading and cracking. Also, insert a pair of cedar shoe trees. These devices help the leather maintain its shape and keep the interior dry.

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